Pin Curls and Corkscrews


Here is the last of the series where we determine another 2 sets of curls that you are able to apply in order to help your business grow! In the first articles, which you can locate here, we spoke about crimps and natural curls. In the second article, which you can see here, we focused on the waves and classic curls. Now, in this final article, we will speak to you about the pin curls and corkscrew. Let us begin!

Pin Curls

For pin curls, wrap your hair around your finger in a very, very, very tight curl and then pinch it in place. Afterwards, you will wish to take your hair straightener, and (while being careful not to burn your fingers), place it right over your fingers so that your heat right above the curl. You will then want to hold your hair in place until your hair cools. Repeat: You will want to hold your hair in place until the heat from the hair straightener cools, because the hair is still freely movable at this stage. If you let go of your hair now, it will bounce back into its normal position & you will need to start all over. Therefore, hold it until it is cool. After it cools, you want to give it some extra boost to make sure that the hair stays in place even while it is cool so take your favorite hair spray and spray all over that hair. After that, you can flick your hair around and look flawless! This technique will allow you to have a fantastic pin curl that is perfect and will have other girls looking at you jealously. Be sure not to mention this blog, okr they will know your secret!


For this one, which is one of our favorites, and one of the simplest to do (coincidentally this is one of our favorites and is one of the simplest to do – wink, wink), you will need something like a pen or pencil that is heatproof, so that you are able to wrap your hair around. Once you find something nice, wrap your hair around it and get as close to the roots of your hair as possible. If need be, be sure to not go down all the way to the roots if you are incompetent & will burn your scalp (no doctors needed here). After that, you clamp your hair down with the straightener to lock those curls in place. Why would you want to do that? You do it in order to make your hair remain in the configuration it is in while the hair cools (notice the recurring theme we have here? When you heat up your hair, it is still malleable [i.e., your hair is able to freely move around, even back to its original position]. When it is cool, it stays in place, which is what you want, right?) When you allow the hair to cool, be sure that you are still keeping the pen or pencil in place. When it is cool, you may remove the pencil or pen, and notice how nice your hair looks. Finish by separating the curls with your fingers, so that the frizzy hair is able to be separated, making you look fabulous!

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Some Different Types of Curls (Part 1)


Curling your hair with straighteners is something that tends to get much more complicated than you thing, even if it applies to hair extensions as well. In addition to that, you are also able to freely express yourself in a way that makes your hair tell others about you. When you get your curling iron and attempt to get your hair done in a way that is similar to how you get your actual hair done, you may get problems, because your extension is not the same as your real hair (though they may be similar). We’ll compile a bunch of ways that you are able to straighten your hair so that you are totally prepared for any type of hair style.

Natural Curls

You are actually able to make your hair extension look like natural curls (pretty unnatural, huh?). This technique is quite time-intensive; however, the results are just as impressive. You will have to acquire some images, just like bobby pins and have your favorite TV show to watch as well (maybe internet in this day and age). Place that bobby pin in your hair, and make sure that it is going up into your roots. You then need to put your hair to weave around the bobby pin, making sure y you allow your hair to go up while you hold it in place. Then, you must take the straighteners and clamp down the hair until the heat is evenly displaced among the hair. After that, you secure the hair with a bobby pin until it is able to cool down. If you do not secure the hair down with another bobby pin, the hair will go back to its natural state and you will have to start all over again. Once it is done & is cool, you will be able to remove your hair from the pin and have the curls spread through your fingers FLAWLESSLY. Slay ‘em, girl!


There are a few ways to create crimped hair w/hair straighteners, especially with hair extensions. However, we think this may be the way that saves you the most stress. Place your hair in small sections and make sure to twist it until you are able to run the plait until the very end of your hair. Make sure your hair straightener is heating the plait evenly. If it does not, it will not look natural, so make sure you heat up your plait evenly. You then want to let it cool down, and since you most likely heated your plate from the top down, the sequence of it cooling should also be from the top down. Afterwards, you just put on some hairspray before removing the braids, and voila, your crimps are looking fabulous!

These are just two simple ways to give your hair extensions that beautiful and natural design that you have wanted from the beginning! After all, you will be able to make your hair extensions look like your natural hair in no time!


Some Different Types of Curls (Part 2)


This is the second article in the series when it comes to getting hair extensions to look like the beautiful natural look that you see when watching a girl cross the street. The last two styles spoke about natural curls and crimps. This one now speaks about waves and classic curls. Now, without further ado, let us get you looking beautiful!


First, take a section of your hair and hold it diagonally from your roots. Then, by taking your straightener, keep twisting it until  your bring it down to the end of the hair (have you noticed that all our hairstyles for extensions involve taking it down from the roots all the way down to the end of your hair, just as you do with your natural hair?) The constant alternating movements of the hair is what creates the waves, so do not gloss over this step. The more you twist the straightener, the tighter the waves will look, so adjust your look accordingly. Note: Do not make the mistake of making the wave tighter on one end and then making it look looser on the other end, especially if you wish for the look to be even all around.

Classic Curls

You will most likely need some spray that is able to protect your hair from the heat. In addition, you may also want to section your hair so that you are able to operate from the bottom of neck upwards. However, like the Japanese auto makers, you want to think about the end goal or design that you wish to accomplish before you start your work. Why? Because, the smaller the sections you run while at the bottom of your neck determined how tight the curls will be. In essence, know the look you aim to accomplish before starting or you may have to start all over again (& have lots of frustration to go with it). Taking your straighteners, start clamping them at least an inch from the root of your hair and twist it 180 degrees toward head. It is similar to using a material like a ruler or a stick to twist some string or curl a piece of paper. You wish to keep a hold on the bottom of your hair as you pull down the curling iron, because the hair will naturally want to bounce up. Therefore, you need to hold the hair down at the same time. After you’re done, be sure to put in some of that amazing hair spray that you have in order to keep it in shape. It will allow you to have that beautiful classic curl look that you so desire!

Congratulations! You now know 2 more ways to make your hair extensions looking flawless and fabulous! You will now be able to generate some easy money by doing hair for others or, you are able to use your time and do your own hair as you wish! The choice is up to you, now that you have the skill!